Browns 2019

Steelers vs Browns 2019

I think it is fair to assume that many Cleveland Browns fans bought a bill of goods in thinking the team would be contention deep into December with a chance to make the playoffs. They, present company included, looked at the schedule and thought it was doable. After all, Pittsburgh lost Big Ben Roethlisberger for the season with an elbow injury, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson didn’t look like the most valuable player he has turned out to be, and Cincinnati was Cincinnati.

How come the Browns can beat the MVP quarterback Jackson, but can’t beat a third-string quarterback with the first name Duck? I am still not convinced that I would rather have Baker Mayfield, but five years from now, I would rather have him as quarterback of the Browns. I’m not sure that five years from now Jackson can play at this level without getting hurt.

How come? Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens wanted his team to go back to the rematch in Pittsburgh and try to go on without thoughts about the incident that led to Myles Garrett’s suspension, but showed up at a local movie theater wearing a shirt given to him by his daughters for his 44th birthday that read: ‘Pittsburgh Started It.’ What would he have said to a player who showed up at practice wearing that shirt?

I thought the Browns would win 10 games this year, but it probably won’t happen. I had two caveats in case they didn’t hit that number. I didn’t like the offensive line going into the season. After a few games, the makeshift line did all right. I also was concerned about Kitchens, a likeable first-year head coach who was given the play-calling duties. He has had too many responsibilities and at most times, looks like he is over-matched. On the other hand, I’m not ready for another dog and pony show looking for a new staff.

How come that is the only category The Browns lead the league in that department?


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