Chabad Columbus holds Sukkot drive-thru carnival

A clown and Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann, executive director of Chabad Columbus, greet children with bubbles at the drive-thru carnival. 

About 130 vehicles rolled through Chabad Columbus’ drive-thru sukkah carnival at the Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center’s New Albany parking lot Oct. 6, in celebration of a socially distant Sukkot. Attractions included a clown on stilts shaking the lulav and etrog as they greeted cars entering the carnival, lulav dart throwing and etrog bowling. Another carnival highlight was “cake the rabbi,” where using whipped cream pies, children and adults tried their luck at caking a Chabad rabbi in the face.

Riding through the drive-thru sukkah, children could also reach out and take candy hanging down from the sukkah branches on either side of the car.

Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann, executive director of Chabad Columbus, said in an email that as Sukkot is a holiday that celebrates unity and those from all walks of life

coming together, this year had the challenge of celebrating while maintaining health and safety protocols and physical distancing. Thus, allowing families to celebrate from the safety of their cars was an ideal solution.

“Kids in 2020 should not have to miss out on holiday celebrations,” Kaltmann said. “It is our goal to bring the excitement of Judaism to the entire community safely and joyfully, no matter the circumstances.

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