Torah and Turf

From left, Yehuda Morris, wide receiver and Columbus Torah Academy graduate; David Wolfson, wide receiver and CTA graduate; Josh Shenker, wide receiver and CTA graduate; Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein, founder of Torah and Turf Columbus and red team captain; Aaron Edelstein, quarterback; Harry Bernzweig, front lineman and CTA graduate; Avior Hazan, front lineman and CTA graduate; and Ben Rabizadeh, front lineman and longtime Kollel student.

The Columbus Community Kollel’s red team won the Torah and Turf National Tournament flag football championship game Dec. 15 with a 24-21 defeat over a team from St. Louis, Mo.

During the tournament weekend in Missouri, Torah and Turf teams from throughout the U.S. competed in five games for the title.

Led by Columbus Kollel outreach coordinator and team captain Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein, the Columbus Kollel red team scored the game-winning touchdown during the final play of the championship game, held at Lou Fusz Athletic Training Center in Earth City, Mo.

This is the second year the Columbus Kollel had a Torah and Turf league through the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus, and Kapenstein said the local league has expanded to include five teams and 35 players who are young Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s. The players come together before each game to discuss character, Israel and the week’s Torah portion, and, Kapenstein said, “to bring Judaism onto the field.”

Torah and Turf was founded in 2007 at the St. Louis Kollel and has national headquarters in St. Louis.

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