Elaine Spatt Bataller

Elaine Spatt Bataller in Columbus Torah Academy’s library in December 2020 with the painting by local artist Harry Schwartz, first gifted to CTA in 1973.

Traditionally at Columbus Torah Academy in Columbus, graduating classes give a class gift. Last January, Elaine Spatt Bataller, a graduate of the CTA eighth grade class of 1973, looked into the back of her parents’ closet after the passing of her mother, and found an old oil painting. The painting by the late local artist Harry Schwartz was originally purchased as that class gift. However, when CTA moved to its Noe Bixby Road campus in 1975, the painting had no home after Spatt Bataller and her class graduated.

In December 2020, Spatt Bataller visited CTA and now the painting will be hung in the school with a plaque distinguishing it as a gift from the class of 1973.

“I remembered purchasing it like it was yesterday,” Spatt Bataller said, in a news release from CTA. “My mom took me to Mr. Schwartz’s studio to make a purchase as a gift to the school. It’s just crazy that it took 47 years to finally get it in the building.”

Elaine is the daughter of MaryAnn and Seymour Spatt. She went on to graduate from Eastmoor High School in Columbus. Today, her grandchildren attend Jewish day school in Barcelona, Spain.

CTA added a high school in 1991 and continues to celebrate the milestone of finishing eighth grade and moving on to high school. Most CTA 8th graders continue their Jewish day school education at CTA, according to the release.

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