From left, JewishColumbus CEO Joel Marcovitch; Dena Kaufman, Columbus’ LIFE & LEGACY community consultant; Bobby Covitz, director of LIFE & LEGACY at JewishColumbus; and Jessica Grisez, director of planned giving and major gifts. 

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s LIFE & LEGACY initiative launched locally Oct. 30 with its “Why Legacy, Why Now?” breakfast at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus.

After two years of research and planning, Columbus was selected last summer as one of four new communities to join 58 others participating in the initiative. Over the course of four years, the program will provide local Jewish organizations with the tools, training and coaching to either create or expand existing planned giving initiatives.

According to a news release, 75 professionals and lay leaders attended the meeting, and Columbus’ LIFE & LEGACY consultant Dena Kaufman provided an overview of planned giving, the structure of the initiative and its potential impact.

“Legacy giving doesn’t have to cost a penny today to make arrangements for a gift, and even someone on a fixed income or of modest means can participate,” Kaufman said in a release. “If everyone supports the organizations that they cherish, in whatever way they can, then all of our Jewish communities will be vibrant in the future.”

Bobby Covitz, director of LIFE & LEGACY at JewishColumbus, and Jessica Grisez, JewishColumbus’ new director of planned giving and major gifts, will provide support to the LIFE & LEGACY initiatives of the agencies and synagogues.

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