LifeTown Columbus

Lindsey Dorsten, director of regional operations with Discover, attends the Dec. 11 LifeTown Columbus ribbon cutting ceremony for the facility’s new point of sale system. 

To celebrate the launch of a Discover point of sale system at LifeTown Columbus, the organization hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 11.

This initiative, made possible by a grant from Discover, is expected to teach LifeTown students how to use credit and debit cards as they purchase holiday gifts for loved ones from LifeTown’s Marketplace.

Located in the Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center in New Albany, LifeTown is a realistic, indoor city designed specifically for children with special needs to have fun while practicing important life skills through role-play.

“This partnership with LifeTown will help teach local students with disabilities the important life skill of using debit and credit cards at the digital point of sale, which is essential in today’s society,” said Lindsey Dorsten, Discover’s director of regional operations.

LifeTown Director Esther Kaltmann said financial life skills are important to learn in today’s cashless society.

“From credit, debit and prepaid cards with magnetic strips and chips, to mobile pay, we all have more choices for managing our money,” Kaltmann said. “We are incredibly thankful to Discover for partnering with us to give our students the skills necessary to manage their own finances on the same terms as everyone else.”

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