It is with great excitement that Congregation Ahavas Sholom announces its 108th Anniversary Gala on Sunday, June 13, 2021. For over a century, Ahavas Sholom has been a beacon of spirituality for the Columbus Jewish Community.

As we steadily emerge from the pandemic, Ahavas Sholom continues to engage the community with its classes, programs, and outreach. Ahavas Sholom seeks community wide partnership to continue its meaningful work on behalf of the broader Columbus community.

Ahavas Sholom enthusiastically honors Steven Schottenstein with the inaugural Irving Baker Community Builder Award. Irving Baker, z”l, was a lifelong Ahavas Sholom member, board member and supporter who cared deeply for the shul. And like his dear friend Irv of blessed memory, Steven has become known for his exemplary vision, devotion, and leadership in the Columbus Jewish community.

Steven has given his time and resources to numerous causes and offered wise guidance and thoughtful leadership. He has been one of Ahavas Sholom’s strongest supporters, participating in numerous campaigns and projects. He is always asking what more can be done to improve Jewish living in his hometown and to carry on the legacy of leadership and community building he learned from those who came before him.

The shul is also thrilled to recognize Buddy Adler and Ruth Pack-Adler with the Ahavas Chesed Award, the pursuer of kindness award. They are long time members who are known for their caring and generous work for the shul, and for their many acts of kindness in the community.

Ruth served on the Ahavas Sholom Board for more than 11 years and both Ruth and Buddy served terms on the Board of Directors of Columbus Torah Academy. Recently, Ruth assisted in writing the grants the synagogue received to fund security and site improvements and continues to assist with the sisterhood and kitchen committee. Ruth’s writing expertise, legal mind and her well thought out, sage advice is always appreciated.

Congregation Ahavas Sholom is grateful to its friends and members throughout the community for their continued generous support and looks forward to everyone’s participation in its digital ad campaign. Stay tuned for more details about the virtual event of appreciation, community, and celebration on June 13. Please submit your ad please at

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