Chabad Columbus hosted a drive-thru Rosh Hashanah carnival Aug. 30, to celebrate the holiday in a socially distant fashion.

The upcoming Jewish new year was ushered in with carnival booths lining the entire span of the Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center’s New Albany parking lot, where families were able to participate in activities while staying in their cars.

Cars rolled through a mock apple orchard and children were able to reach out their windows and to pick apples. A honey dunk tank greeted families, with a volunteer suspended on a collapsible seat over the “honey.” Families took turns aiming at a target attached to the tank, causing a volunteer to land in the tank. Tashlich was taught by driving by a pool of water and fishing out fake fish with a fishing rod. Then, children were able to “dip the apple in the honey” by throwing plush apples into honey jars.

The last stop was the spinning wheel prize booth, where children chose resolutions for the new year, and received a sweet prize to encourage and applaud them for their growth.

“At Chabad Hebrew School, learning is brought to life through experiencing the joy of Judaism,” said Devorah Kaltmann, director of Chabad Hebrew School, in an email. “No matter the time and place, Chabad will always make sure that all Jewish children are able to celebrate their Judaism, and most importantly, be proud to be Jewish.”

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