Kimberly Land initially aspired to be a doctor, but when she realized she was squeamish at her own doctor’s appointment, “I decided that I should probably not do that,” she said.

Once she graduated from the University of Dayton with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and women and gender studies, she enrolled in The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.

After joining Bailey Cavalieri LLC as a summer associate in 2017, Land accepted a full-time position following her law school graduation.

“I passed the bar in October of 2018,” Land noted. “That’s when I became a full-blown, licensed, practicing attorney.”

Of her time so far working in Bailey Cavalieri’s Columbus office, the associate said, “It’s been great.”

“I definitely have a wonderful mentor here,” Land said, identifying Bailey Cavalieri member Jamie Ryan. “He has been really instrumental in both my professional and personal growth. I go to him with everything, so it’s been really nice to have that.”

Land focuses her practice on commercial transactions, unclaimed property and commercial lending. She assists business clients in mergers and acquisitions, entity formation, governance and dissolution, contract drafting and due diligence review. She also assists commercial lending institutions with drafting lending transaction documents.

She said she fell into that practice area.

“I did really well in my accounting classes in law school, and I think that because of those reasons, my mentor decided that I would be good for the finance part of the law,” Land said. “If you would’ve told me that, I would’ve never guessed. But I’m really happy with where I am.”

Land said the most challenging aspect of her legal practice is managing the different expectations of various banks.

“Each bank has its own process that you have to follow in order to initiate and draft and close a loan,” Land said. “So just making sure that you’re keeping up with each of those tasks can sometimes be kind of confusing, especially when you’re closing more than one loan from more than one bank at a time.”

She said she most enjoys meeting people through her legal work.

“Bankers have a way of really connecting different people together and so I definitely benefit from that, being that my clients are all bankers,” Land said. “So that, and just building relationships, has been really amazing.”

Land lives in Upper Arlington.