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A collaboration of nine Franklin County agencies is the recipient of a $900,000 award from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Violence Against Women to implement a model to combat domestic violence through September 2023.

The Blueprint for Safety model, originally developed and implemented in Saint Paul, Minn., provides a consistent, coordinated criminal justice response to protect victims of domestic violence, according to a news release from Franklin County. It uses a high level of collaboration and information-sharing among service providers to facilitate victims’ safety from an initial emergency call for help through to sentencing and probation.

The work will build on the county-wide 2019 National Association of Family and Juvenile Court Judges Domestic Violence Technical Assistance Program grant that brought many of the same agencies together to reduce intimate partner homicides.

“Collaboration and coordination are essential to providing the accountability and high-quality assistance victims of domestic and intimate partner violence deserve from their government. These partner agencies and officials have a proven record of working together to keep victims of violence safe and reducing the amount of domestic violence in our community,” Marilyn Brown, Franklin County Commissioner, said in the release. “The collective approach taken in the Blueprint for Safety will further our commitment to ensuring justice for those suffering from domestic and intimate partner violence while holding their abusers accountable for their actions.”

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