Congregation Ahavas Sholom in Bexley

Congregation Ahavas Sholom in Bexley. 

Congregation Ahavas Sholom in Bexley will host its 107th annual gala virtually at 7 p.m. Aug. 9.

At the gala, Ed and Lily Friedman will be honored with the Amud HaChesed award.

“This award recognizes the Friedmans’ many contributions to the shul and the broader Columbus Jewish community,” a letter on the synagogue’s website read, signed by Rabbi David Claman, president Dotan Herszage and board chair Philip Weinerman. “Ed served 10 remarkable years as the Columbus Community Kollel president and Lily has supported a variety of Jewish causes in the community. ‘Olam chesed yibaneh’ (Tehillim 83:3), the world will be built through kindness. Ed & Lily are invariably behind any number of chesed initiatives, contributing generously with a humble spirit. We are deeply grateful for their friendship and kindness.”

Gary Covel will be honored with the Lev Tov Award. Covel is being honored for his generosity, according to the shul.

“Gary is a beloved member of our community with friends and admirers across the spectrum,” the synagogue’s letter read. “His affability is an outgrowth of his generous spirit. His lev tov, good heart, guides his happy demeanor and sensitivity toward others. The very end of Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim concludes with ‘v’tov lev mishteh tamid’ (Mishlei 15:15), a good hearted person feasts perpetually. With his wide smile, Gary brings joy to everyone he encounters with clever humor and an encouraging word. May he continue to be a model of goodness and compassion for many years in good health.”

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