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Bexley native Jacob Block, whose family owns Block’s Bagels in Columbus, will open a manufacturing facility in Grove City to meet the growing demand for domestically produced personal protective equipment supplies, according to a news release.

American Nitrile will focus on producing latex-free nitrile gloves for health care, government and industrial use. Block and his company are retrofitting a 527,000-square foot industrial facility to handle the manufacturing. Production is expected to begin in early 2022, creating an estimated 400 new jobs, the release said.

Block said in the release, “American Nitrile is fulfilling a critical and rapidly growing need for medical and non-medical nitrile gloves made in the United States, while reducing our country’s vulnerability to the supply chain disruptions experienced during the pandemic. COVID-19 was a catalyst, but demand for nitrile gloves extends far beyond immediate needs.”

He said Columbus is the right place for his manufacturing facility.

“Ohio is the ideal location for our first manufacturing facility, with its talented and educated workforce,” Block said. “Columbus has national prominence as a distribution and logistics hub. I’m originally from Columbus and proud to be bringing jobs back to the United States and particularly to the Midwest.”

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine expressed support for the venture.

“American Nitrile’s launch of its new manufacturing facility in Columbus is an example of enterprising Ohioans seizing the unprecedented opportunity to on-shore PPE production and rebuild the U.S. supply chain here at home,” DeWine said in the release. “This cutting-edge facility will create hundreds of new advanced manufacturing jobs and produce essential medical gloves stateside with homegrown Ohio talent.”

JobsOhio is supporting the venture, awarding a $3.5 million economic development grant to purchase necessary assets, develop infrastructure and acquire talented employees.

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