With the help of volunteers, Chabad of Downtown Columbus delivered more than 85 Chanukah packages to Columbus area residents to celebrate the holiday in a socially distant manner last month.

“There’s been a lot of loneliness in these last months and I wanted to find a way for connection, to bring the light of Chanukah to as many individuals,” said Sara Kaltmann, co-director of Chabad of Downtown Columbus, according to a news release.

With her husband and co-director Rabbi Yitzi Kaltmann, they set in motion a strategy to specifically reach young Jews in the Columbus community for Chanukah. During the course of their deliveries, which included latkes, candles and other goodies, some receiving the packages realized they knew elderly people who would appreciate the packages, and started bringing packages on their own, the release said.

In addition, Chabad of Downtown Columbus ran its “Ambassadors for Light” program in which young Jewish professionals who knew someone who didn’t have a menorah notified Chabad and the organization provided the ambassadors a menorah to bring to their friend. In total, more than 138 menorahs were distributed to people who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

“It is so nice to see all the ways everyone is still coming together even through this crazy and difficult year,” said Abby Ghitman, one of the ambassadors who gave out 10 Chanukah packages, in the release.

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