Community impact is an opportunity for JewishColumbus to cohesively and seamlessly combine its financial resource development assets and knowledge of the community to better partner with and support community agencies. This new approach and philosophy will bring together the annual campaign, endowment fund resources and the extensive and expansive JewishColumbus development and marketing skills and community knowledge. Community impact will create the best of all possible worlds for our Greater Columbus Jewish community.

JewishColumbus knows that meeting all existing community funding needs, increased security expenses, ensuring that victims of Nazi persecution live their remaining days in dignity, and strategic initiatives cannot be met overnight. We hope to enhance the relationship between our community partners and JewishColumbus as we strive to better understand what each agency, organization, and congregation might need to not only just survive, but thrive as an integral part of our Columbus Jewish community. By trying to look at funding from a more holistic perspective, we hope to better support our community.

The Community Impact Committee’s (CIC) primary role is to develop and recommend the distribution of available resources to organizations seeking funding for the following fiscal year. Every effort will be made to meet funding needs through annual campaign, restricted endowment funds, use of the grant writer, the Holocaust Survivors Initiative, special purpose funds and other resources that may be available from time to time. CIC and JewishColumbus are committed that donor intent will be honored as will the Foundation spending policy, and that each fund’s corpus will remain inviolate.

CIC also will monitor service trends, identify unmet program and funding needs, establish big-picture thinking and understanding of our partner organizations, create wish-lists and provide information to increase community education.

What does this mean for our organizations? A one-stop destination for all funding requests – whether it is the committee, the application format or the staff and a more seamless and streamlined funding approach. What does this mean for our Foundation fund holders and friends? Greater knowledge about community needs and funding opportunities and a fabulous tie-in to our new LIFE & LEGACY initiative.

Joining me on the leadership team are Dr. Hilda Glazer (Shalom Grants panel chair), Naomi Lamb (Liaison cabinet chair), Fran Rothman (Jewish Arts panel chair), Jody Scheiman (Mini-Grants panel chair) and Jim Winnegrad (Jewish Needs cabinet chair). More than 50 community

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