Ohio state medical board

A disciplinary hearing for Dr. Lara Kollab, whose anti-Semitic tweets cost her a residency at Cleveland Clinic in 2018, will take place in May 2020.

“It doesn’t usually take this long. Her attorneys requested this,” said Tessie Pollock, director of communication at the State Medical Board of Ohio. “My understanding was it was an issue of their availability.”

Kollab was dismissed after canarymission.org released information regarding her anti-Semitic posts on social media under a pseudonym.

Pollack said following the May 2020 hearing, Kollab’s lawyers will be given time to file objections and that the State Medical Board will make its decision sometime after the hearing at a regular monthly meeting. At the hearing, a hearing officer will issue a report and recommendation.

McGovern said the hearing date was pushed back in order to accommodate meshing the schedules of all the attorneys involved.

"The scheduling of the SMBO hearing for May 2020 was the result of accommodating the busy schedules of 2 assistant attorneys general, 2 defense attorneys and a hearing examiner," he wrote in a Sept. 10 email to the Cleveland Jewish News. "it was their schedules (more than the schedules of the hearing examiner and defense counsel) that led to the hearing being pushed back to May 2020. Dr. Kollab’s counsel proposed numerous dates prior to May 2020 that  simply did not fit the schedules of the assistant attorneys general and hearing examiner."

Her Cleveland lawyer, Ziad Tayeh, said he would contact his client prior to commenting.

The State Medical Board of Ohio issued a citation against the Westlake resident July 10 and mailed a letter to both Kollab and her lawyers listing the reasons for the citation and notifying her of her right to request a hearing. Her lawyer, James McGovern at Graff & McGovern LPA in Columbus, responded with a request for the hearing.

At the State Medical Board’s website, Kollab’s training certificate as a doctor of osteopathic medicine now contains the following message as it pertains to board action:

07/10/19 CITATION - Based on: the doctor’s admission to making anti-Semitic comments on social media, and then subsequently deleting the comments and falsely claiming that she was being framed for having made those comments; and on the doctor’s 2/4/2019 sworn statement containing false statements; and on the doctor’s 7/1/2018 resignation in lieu of termination from her internal medicine residency at the Cleveland Clinic, which became effective 10/18/2018; and on the doctor’s failure to disclose during an interview with the Kerns Medical Center in California that her resignation was based on her discriminatory social media postings. The doctor’s actions, as alleged, would individually, and or collectively, constitute: making a false, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading statement in the solicitation of or advertising for patients; in relation to the practice of medicine and surgery, osteopathic medicine and surgery, podiatric medicine and surgery, or a limited branch of medicine; or in securing or attempting to secure any license or certificate to practice issued by the board. Notice of Opportunity for Hearing mailed 7/11/2019.”

Pollock said the State Medical Board would have notified the Federation of State Medical Boards of the change in Kollab’s status. The federation is based in Euless, Texas, and is an umbrella group representing 70 state medical boards and osteopathic boards in the United States and its territories, and co-sponsors the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

A Sept. 10 Cleveland Jewish News search for Kollab on the federation’s website did not show the action listed at the State Medical Board.

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