Thomas M. Develin’s appearance before the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas for making threats against the Jewish community has been continued until Dec. 8.

Develin was a former contract security guard who at times was assigned to Columbus Torah Academy and other Greater Columbus Jewish institutions. According to the clerk’s office, while a court date was set for Nov. 7, the intent was to give assistant prosecuting attorney Cory D. Helffrich and Develin’s attorney Robert F. Krapenc an opportunity to discuss a possible plea deal. When an agreement was not reached, a continuance was set for Dec. 8 when both sides will confer again to determine if they have a plea deal in place, whether they want to continue to negotiate or if the case should go to trial.

Develin is facing two counts of making terroristic threats against the Jewish community, both third-degree felonies; two counts of possessing dangerous ordinance, one second-degree felony and one fifth-degree felony; and a single count of tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony. He has waived his right to a speedy trial, according to court records. The case was initiated by the Columbus Division of Police.

The charges stem from various online threats posted earlier this year. These included Develin’s posts of himself posing with a semi-automatic handgun while he was working as a private security guard for CTA. The posts were found on the instant messaging social media platform, Discord. Develin also posted statements that said, “I’m at a Jewish school and about to make it everyone’s problem” and “The playground is about to turn into a self-defense situation.”

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