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Faith groups protested possible United States refugee policy changes. 

Jewish Family Services and Congregation Tifereth Israel joined in solidarity with other faith and refugee groups Sept. 17 outside the offices of US Together, Inc. to advocate against the Trump administration’s proposed significant cut in admission of refugees to the United States in 2020.

US Together, Inc., Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Service, Community Refugee & Immigration Services,

Catholic Social Services, community and faith leaders, and refugee families were among those participating.

“Whoever we don’t let in, those are lives that are in danger,” said Cantor Jack Chomsky of Tifereth Israel, according to a news release. “Terrible things will happen to people in their countries.”

He said while the faith communities represented in the audience may disagree about many things, they are unified to help refugees.

Jewish Family Services CEO Karen Mozenter also spoke.

“Jewish Family Services was formed 111 years ago to serve Jewish refugees from Europe who were escaping violence and persecution,” she said according to the release. “Since that time, we have continued to serve refugees from countries all over the world who were similarly escaping violence and persecution – not because they are Jewish, but because we are Jewish, and this work is core to our values.”

Mozenter said the immigrant community contributes over $6.5 billion annually to the Central Ohio economy, and the proposed reduction in refugee admissions would have serious negative economic consequences in the community.

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