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Matt’s Bakery in the Whitehall Kroger.

Matt and Mindy Cooper, the owners of Matt’s Bakery that used to be housed in the Kroger grocery store in Whitehall, announced July 19 that they would be leasing a space to offer kosher offerings.

“Dear valued customer, it is with great excitement, and tremendous gratitude to Hashem, that we are finally able to announce that we have signed a lease on a new space,” the note provided to the Columbus Jewish News read. “The space is 4,900 square feet and is located at 39 S. Yearling Road just off E. Broad St. next door to Art Tees. This space will house Matt’s Bakery, Matt’s Dairy Cafe, Kosher groceries (including fresh cut meat and deli), and hopefully more. We anticipate opening in two phases. The bakery and grocery will open first, as soon as possible. The dairy cafe will open later, but as soon as it is ready. We do not have an opening date yet, but we will keep you updated as information becomes available.”

The Coopers, who left the Kroger when the store reduced its kosher offerings in January, wrote that their goal was to provide more kosher options for the community.

“We have always tried to provide a service to the community, and are excited for the opportunity to provide even more,” the email read. “Our goal is to make kosher food in Columbus available and affordable, and we will work with that goal in mind. We can’t guarantee that we will have anything and everything that people are looking for, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests.”

They had originally tried to obtain funding for such an endeavor through a GoFundMe campaign in November 2021, seeking $200,000 in support. The Coopers are again seeking support through the same campaign.

“Now that we have secured a new space, we would like to make a final appeal for our GOFUNDME campaign,” the note read. “Any support we receive from the community will be greatly appreciated and will help limit how much debt we need to take on. If you have already given to the campaign, thank you so much for your support. If not, please consider making a donation.”

The campaign has currently raised $17,076 toward the $200,000 goal.

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