Columbus mural

A mural is painted over the entrance of the Ohio Theatre in downtown Columbus, which was damaged during protests.

Columbus-based visual artists painted temporary murals on plywood installed over broken windows at the Ohio Theatre and Greater Columbus Arts Council office, both in downtown Columbus.

The initiative, #ArtUnitesCbus, was developed by CAPA and the Arts Council. The windows were broken during protests in response to the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

According to a June 1 news release from CAPA, the artists chosen to paint the murals represent a diverse group of visual artists who live and work in Columbus. They will be paid for their work.

“Our city and our nation must address the serious issues of inequality and injustice that continue to plague our society. While these murals don’t solve those issues, this is an opportunity to spark hope and light in our community while we work toward much needed change,” said Chad Whittington, CAPA president and CEO, in the release. “The arts bring the community together and this is our way of doing that while the Ohio Theatre is closed and under repair.”

“#ArtUnitesCbus is just one small way the arts community is trying to help,” said Tom Katzenmeyer, president and CEO of the Arts Council, in the release. “These murals are not the answer, simply a message that we all can, and must, help heal our community. I’d like to call on Columbus businesses with boarded storefronts to consider hiring artists to paint messages of healing and unity. We can help you connect with these talented creatives, just reach out to”

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