Ohio has had 335,423 total cases of COVID-19 and 5,955 total deaths, the Ohio Department of Health reported Nov. 20. The data is incomplete as thousands of reports are pending review.

An increase in antigen tests as a result of the surge of COVID-19 cases has caused Ohio to fall behind on confirming results, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said Nov. 19.

The number of reported cases increased by 8,808 from Nov. 19, though the data is incomplete.

The individuals who have tested positive range in age of less than a year to 109 years old; the median age is 42.

The ODH reported 65 new deaths Nov. 20, though the data is incomplete. The median age of those who have died is 80.

The ODH reports 23,958 cumulative hospitalizations, and 4,360 individuals have been admitted to the ICU due to the coronavirus, though the data is incomplete. The median age of those hospitalized is 66.

Additional data was not immediately available. 

If you have questions regarding COVID-19, call 833-4ASKODH (833-427-5634) or visit coronavirus.ohio.gov.

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