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Ohio State Bank, an Ohio state-chartered, FDIC-insured commercial bank, has moved its corporate headquarters to 2106 East Main Street in Bexley.

The bank, which opened in April 2019, was previously located at 2511 East Main St. in Bexley. It planned from the outset for that location to be temporary and to move to the expanded location after about a year.

At the new headquarters, the bank will occupy the first two floors, totaling approximately 8,000 square feet, of the three-story building. The bank will continue to offer a full range of banking services, with the addition of an ATM and a drive-through window, according to an Aug. 17 news release.

“The goal of Ohio State Bank is to build relationships with our customers and the Bexley community by providing sophisticated banking services with a personal touch,” said Dave Mallett, Ohio State Bank president and CEO, in the release. “When we opened our doors in Bexley in April 2019, it marked the region’s first locally owned and operated commercial bank since 2014. Our success in the first 15 months has been remarkable. We have exceeded our original estimates, achieving an asset level of $139.7 million, with a strong demand for loans from credit-worthy borrowers. Because we offer very competitive deposit rates, pay interest on all our accounts and charge no service fees, deposit balances are ahead of budget. Add to that our remote capture for business, online banking capabilities and a mobile app, and we believe that we are well-positioned to compete in this market.”

The release said the bank remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Surfaces are disinfected after each customer contact and employees are separated behind Plexiglass partitions. Face masks are required while hand sanitizers are encouraged, and social distancing is practiced. Clients also have the option of banking by phone and email.

With the opening of the new Bexley location, the drive-through window will offer further protection from potential virus exposure, as will the ATM, the release said.

Ohio State Bank will continue its strategic expansion plan, with the opening of the bank’s second office in Upper Arlington slated for the first half of 2021, the release said. The second office will be located at 1776 West Lane Ave., where an existing building is to be renovated.

“In this rapidly changing and extremely challenging economy, we feel that Ohio State Bank offers a significant advantage over larger banking institutions,” Mallett said in the release. “We are convinced that a local bank, where every customer is seen as a private banking client, will continue to grow and prosper. While we offer a full complement of services for both business and personal customers that are as sophisticated and comprehensive as any available at the larger banking conglomerates, we continue to emphasize personalized customer service. That’s what sets us apart and makes Ohio State Bank such an excellent banking option.”

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