The Ohio State University in Columbus is beginning an online modern Hebrew program in August that is targeted toward working adults.

According to Galit Golan, the lecturer and Hebrew language program coordinator at OSU, the idea came about as more and more people wanted to learn Hebrew, but told her they could not take classes on campus because of their schedules.

“My goal is to teach Hebrew to everyone, to as many people who want to study Hebrew,” Golan said. But, “we lose many students who really want to learn (Hebrew), but they can’t learn” because of their schedules.

Golan said she wanted to find a way to address this – and the use of virtual classes during the pandemic showed her the way.

“Suddenly, I saw the advantages” of virtual learning, she said. “I saw people who were more relaxed ... they felt very comfortable” participating in class.

So, Golan used the lessons gleaned from teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic to develop a completely virtual course that would be held at night after most people are finished with work for the day. The course will be comprised of four classes per week, two that are live via Zoom and two recorded lectures, running from Aug. 24 to Dec. 8. The course is meant to enable students to read, write and have short conversations in Hebrew.

Golan, who also teaches Hebrew at Temple Beth Shalom in New Albany, said she’s reaching out to synagogues in Columbus to make members aware of the course. She will also soon start reaching out to synagogues in Cleveland and Cincinnati to connect about the program.

To register, visit

For more information, email Golan at

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