Rabbi Ilan Schwartz announced July 16 that after six years at Ohio State University Hillel he is leaving to become the executive director of the Emory University Hillel in Atlanta, effective Aug. 2.

“Thank you to all of the Ohio State students, staff, and supporters who made this work fun and rewarding. I am forever grateful that 6 years ago, you took a leap of faith with me,” Schwartz posted on his Facebook page.

“I have come to see my work in Hillel as a true rabbinic calling, and could not imagine doing anything else with my rabbinate or career as a Jewish professional. Thank you to all of those who helped me along the way as colleagues, mentors, and friends.

“And as always, a big thank you to my partner in the road trip of life, Rebecca Sneider Schwartz, who supports me unconditionally in everything that I do and encourages me to take risks and capitalize on great opportunities. We are so excited to move to Atlanta and take advantage of all the opportunities it has for our family.

“To all of my OSU students and alumni, L’hitraot, until we see each other again. I will always be here for you as your rabbi and mentor. All you need to do is reach out.

“To our friends in Columbus, who have become like family, thank you for being our friends and sharing life’s journey’s with us. The park at Cassingham Elementary and the JCC pool will always be our home away from home, so wherever we are, look for us at the pool and the playground, no matter the weather.

“Shabbat Shalom!”

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