Gary Rosenstein, the new CEO of Columbus senior care facility Wexner Heritage Village, came on board Aug. 17 to lead the agency’s long-term strategic planning as Chris Christian, the facility’s president and chief operating officer, focuses on day-to-day operations.

“We have implemented a pretty significant strategic planning process, which has been ongoing now for a little over a year that has and will continue to require a considerable amount of time, and effort in bringing it to a successful conclusion,” Ira Kane, WHV’s board chair, told the Columbus Jewish News. “So this project together with, as I’m sure you’re aware, the challenges facing organizations like ours, at this time ... really required an expansion of our management team so that these issues and others could be even more effectively and efficiently addressed.”

Kane had earlier lauded Rosenstein in a news release for his leadership skills and his deep understanding of WHV. “Gary is a transformational leader with a deep understanding of both our history and our vision,” he said. “He is well poised to honor our past and take us into the future, making WHV the preeminent organization of its kind.”

Rosenstein has previously held leadership positions at companies such as Nationwide Financial, Elmer’s Products and the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. He has also served WHV in numerous roles for more than a decade, including chair of the board of directors, finance chair and leader of its strategic planning committee.

Rosenstein told the CJN he is looking forward to moving the organization into the future.

“We are a mission-based organization, driven by Jewish values and 70 years of commitment to serving our community,” he said. “That is foundational. I have a deep commitment to continuing the quality and the nurturing and the care that we provide and that we offer here. I have a deep commitment to our staff and to our leaders, and the people day to day that are interacting with the residents.”

JewishColumbus CEO Joel Marcovitch said in the release that Rosenstein was the right person to continue moving WHV forward.

“Gary brings a level of professionalism and dedication that is perfect for WHV to take its next steps,” Marcovitch said. “Gary has been a thoughtful partner in his collaboration with JewishColumbus. He’s eager to look at ways to bring our organizations together. His strong communication skills and positive can-do attitude is a real win, not only for WHV but for our entire community. I look forward to working with him closely.”

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