Temple Beth Shalom Stay at Home Ball

Temple Beth Shalom in New Albany celebrated its first Stay at Home Ball April 25. 

Temple Beth Shalom in New Albany celebrated its first Stay at Home Ball, beating its fundraising goal of $15,000 by raising $22,927.

The ball, attended virtually by 160 households April 25, was held in place of the temple’s regular in-person gala. Performers included long-time Jewish musician and entertainer Marc Rossio, TBS cantorial soloist Gail Rose and Angelo Dunlap, TBS religious school administrator and Columbus Jewish Day School music teacher.

“There was a lot of great Jewish talent on display at the Stay at Home Ball,” said senior Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev, in an email. “The TBS community came together, searching for some light and togetherness in this dark time, and we certainly found it. The beautiful voices, the heartfelt presentations, the reminder of how important it is to find joy and laughter in our lives all brought us closer together and helped us see that which is most important; that our community can thrive, that we can feel close together, even when physically separated, that we must continue to have hope for the future.”

In an email, Executive Director Bobby Covitz thanked corporate and individual sponsors, as well as an anonymous donor who provided a 1:1 match on all dollars raised up to $7,500. Options for supporting TBS included silent auction prizes, and asking attendees to consider a contribution in the amount it would have cost to attend the in-person gala.

The Stay at Home Ball was the 82nd virtual program TBS has held since March 16, around when events started being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am very pleased that through the great effort of our entertainers, TBS staff and volunteers, we were able to provide a program that provided engagement for members who have felt isolated and helped address some of the financial stress being endured by TBS,” said co-president David Segal, in the email.

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