Horror writer Rami Ungar, the subject of an Oct. 28 Columbus Jewish News one-on-one, “Judaism helps inspire Columbus horror writer,” has signed a contract with BSC Publishing Group to publish a collection of original short stories, “Hannah and Other Stories.”

“This will be my first collection with a publisher,” as opposed to his previous works, which were self-published, Ungar told the CJN Nov. 4. “That a publisher wants to put out a collection of original short stories means that they think that not only are the stories good, but that they’re worth putting in the time and effort to release. That means a lot to me, and I look forward to hearing what people think of them.”

The collection will feature the following seven stories and is expected to be published in 2022, Ungar said.

• “Hannah,” about “ghost hunters investigating an elementary school and uncovering something horrible in the process.”

• “Queen Alice,” about “an internet urban legend that may have a life of its own.”

• “The Autopsy Kid” and “Doctor Sarah,” about a “budding serial killer.”

• “Fuselli’s Horses” about “a group of unusual foals and what they grow up to be.”

• “The Red Bursts” about “a gay Jewish couple who go to visit family and instead come upon a horrific event.” Ungar said the story involves faith being tested under horrifying circumstances.

• “What Errour Awake” about “the results of some Renaissance English poetry awakening terrifying memories right before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

• “Poor Unfortunate Souls” about “a strange romance blooming beneath the streets of Paris.”

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