Zeta Beta Tau, which calls itself “the world’s first and largest Jewish fraternity,” is one of three Greek organizations to have its student organization registration recently revoked at The Ohio State University.

Along with ZBT, Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Pi were also suspended. ZBT will not be reinstated until August 2023.

According to a letter sent to the fraternity from Michael Volkman, the university’s senior conduct case manager, ZBT’s registration was revoked in November for violations of the Code of Student Conduct: alcohol, endangering behavior and failure to comply with university or civil authority. The alleged violations occurred during the late summer and early fall of 2019.

ZBT received another letter from the university in 2017 regarding alleged hazing, alcohol and endangering behavior. After issuing that letter, the university received six reports about similar behavior from ZBT, and according to the letter, “Student Conduct worked with the chapter in redirecting behavior and understanding reputational concerns in the campus community.”

Two other historically Jewish fraternities, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Alpha Mu, were suspended at OSU in 2018 for violation of the university’s Code of Student Conduct.

ZBT was founded as the first Jewish fraternity in 1898. Since 1954, it has been considered nonsectarian and includes non-Jewish members.

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