Election results

For the most part, Central Ohio’s incumbents fared well during the Nov. 5 election, but despite some close races, less than a quarter (22%) of Franklin County’s 840,564 registered voters went to the polls or provided absentee ballots.

Here are the final results of uncontested races, provided by the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Bexley City Council

Eight candidates fought to fill four open seats on council, and incumbent Troy D. Markham received 2,602 votes, the highest number in the race, or 18% of the vote. Challenger Jen Robinson was second, receiving 2,166 votes (15%), while challenger Jessica Saad came in third with 2,147 votes (15%). Another challenger, Matt Klingler, was fourth with 1,862 votes (13%).

They beat out Meagan Matteson, who had 1,731 votes (12%); Joel A. Greff, who had 1,523 votes (11%); incumbent Mary M. Gottesman, who had 1,303 votes (9%) and Ian Abraham Nickey, who had 1,133 votes (8%).

Columbus Board of Education

Five candidates ran for four seats on the Columbus Board of Education, and voters selected two incumbents and two challengers.

Challenger Tina Pierce was the top vote-getter with 46,298 votes (23%), followed by incumbent Jennifer Adair with 46,110 votes (23%), incumbent Eric S. Brown with 41,984 votes (21%) and challenger Carole Beckerle with 40,811 votes (20%).

Challenger Kimberley Mason was defeated with 26,817 votes (13%).

Franklin County Municipal Court Judge

Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Jodi Thomas defeated challenger Trent A. Dougherty. Thomas received 100,601 votes (60%) to Dougherty’s 65,683 votes (40%).

Gahanna Mayor

Laurie A. Jadwin defeated Ryan Polster Jolley to become Gahanna mayor. Jadwin received 5,197 votes (60%) to Jolley’s 3,431 votes (40%).

Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education

Incumbent Daphne Moehring and incumbent Beryl Brown Piccolantonio were elected to the Gahanna-Jefferson Board of Education.

Moehring received 7,157 votes (41%) to Piccolantonio’s 6,441 votes (37%). They beat out Jon Handler, who had 3,825 votes (22%), for two seats on the school board.

New Albany City Council

Marlene Brisk and Michael Durik were elected to New Albany City Council. Brisk received 778 votes (51.94%) to Durik’s 720 votes (48.06%).

Kasey Kist was elected to an unexpired term with 844 votes (100%).

New Albany-Plain Board of Education

Phil Derrow and Paul A. Naumoff have been elected to the New Albany-Plain Board of Education, filling two available seats. Derrow received 1,310 votes (50%) to Naumoff’s 1,297 votes (50%).

Worthington City Council

In a crowded race with 13 candidates vying for three open seats, Bonnie Michael, Peter D. Bucher and Douglas C. Foust appear to have been elected to Worthington City Council but, according to the guidelines from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, there may be a recount. When the difference between a winning candidate and the candidate with the next highest number of certified votes is less than one-half of 1% of the total votes cast for that ballot question, recounts are mandatory.

Incumbent Michael received 1,721 votes, or 12% of the vote. Bucher was second, receiving 1,601 votes (11%). Foust was third with 1,490 votes (10%).

They beat out Douglas K. Smith, with 1,489 votes (10%); Seth T. Kraut, with 1,485 votes (10%); Edward J. Pauline, with 1,411 votes (10%); Jennifer B. Rhoads, with 1,324 votes (9%); Karen Filina Wilson, with 1,075 votes (7%); Michael D. Farley, with 1,004 votes (7%); Candace Brooks, with 570 votes (4%); Barton Hacker, with 547 votes (4%); Paul W. Dorothy, with 398 votes (3%); and Michael C. Troper, with 256 votes (2%).

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