League rookies

League rookies, from left: Jeremy Hume, Nick Plante, Jake Edelstein, Harvey Schwartz, Ken Wagner, David Edelstein, Jedidiah Bressman, Cody Ankerman, Justin Shaw, Seth Preisler, Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein and Larry Gordon. Not pictured: Andrew Adler.

The I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling League opened its 89th season Sept. 15 at Holiday Lanes in Whitehall, where the league introduced its largest rookie class of 13 new bowlers.

Ira Nutis, a thirty-five year-plus veteran said he couldn’t recall such a large contingent of first-year bowlers. The growth lent itself to adding two new teams, expanding the league to 16, four-man teams.

The 2019-2020 rookie class consists of: Nick Plante, Jake Edelstein, Ken Wagner, Cody Ankerman, Seth Preisler, Jedidiah Bressman, Justin Shaw, Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein, David Edelstein, Larry Gordon, Andrew Adler, Harvey Schwartz and Jeremy Hume.

Ankerman led his rookie classmates with a 386 series on games of 109, 132 and 145. He also picked-up the 5-7 split, twice, and converted the first “pooch” of his career by throwing his first ball in the gutter, and picking up the full rack of 10 pins on the second ball for a spare.

Joey Nutis rolled the league high game and his career best, 285, opening with ten strikes in a row in game two.

Randy Cuenot led the league with a 722 series, on games of 222, 278 and 222. Bowling on lanes next to Nutis, Cuenot opened with nine strikes in a row in game two.

Jonathan Cooperman, the all-time statistical leader of the “pooch,” converted the 19th of his career. Altogether, nine bowlers pooched, likely another league high.

Contrasting the tide of young rookies, A.C. Strip, bowling for Team Volunteers for Israel, and Shelly Sinai, for Columbus Oncology Associates, began their 58th consecutive year of B’nai B’rith bowling. Sinai had a high game of 180. Strip won all four of his points in head-to-head competition.

After the first two weeks of bowling, two teams rose above the rest. Volunteers for Israel is at the top of the leader board with 51.5 wins against 12.5 losses, a winning percentage of .805. Meanwhile, Rycus’ Band of Bowlers is 1.5 points behind the leader with a winning percentage of .781.

If both teams continue along their winning ways, week five holds suspense when they pair up against each other for the first time this season.

Serving on the executive board for the 2019-20 season are Rycus, president; Brad Goldman, vice-president; Eric Feinberg, secretary; and Stu Gold, treasurer. Ari Frum is serving as secretary-in-training.

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