Mike Caplan led Team Holiday Lanes into first place in the I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling League at Holiday Lanes in Whitehall on Nov. 17.

Caplan tied for fourth highest series on Sunday with a 618 score. Although he had an inauspicious start with a 142 opening game, he came firing back with a 222, and closed with the league high game Sunday at 254. A mid-160s career bowler, Caplan raised his average three pins to 183, the highest of his career. He has now moved into the prestigious and demanding anchor position in his team’s lineup.

Team Holiday Lanes catapulted over the here-to-fore league leaders Nutis Press and second place Rycus’ Band of Bowlers. Crushing Team Feinberg, 30.5 – 1.5, they moved into the penthouse view atop the league standings, owning a 191.5 – 96.5 record, and a .665 winning percentage.

Team Holiday has been on a torrid stretch over the last month of bowling. The lineup of Sidney Price, Caplan, his father Maurice Caplan, and Ken Kerstein have amassed a 103.5 – 24.5 record, and a .809 winning percentage. Mike Caplan has won 22 of 28 points in head-to-head competition for a .786 winning percentage.

With nine weeks in the books of the 24-week championship schedule, four other teams are within “striking” distance for overtaking Team Holiday Lanes. Golden & Meizlish jumped into second place with a 187.5 – 100.5 record, followed by Team Rycus’ Band of Bowlers, 184 – 104; Nutis Press, 182.5 – 105.5; and Team Beck, 173 – 115.

Jeff Rycus led the league Sunday with a 704 series on the strength of games of 224, 233 and 247. Rycus, the “King of Strike,” crossed the 700 series threshold for the fourth time this season. He leads the league with an average of 222.5 pins per game.

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