Nick Delp hammered 11 strikes in a row in the last of his three games Jan. 12. He stepped onto the approach to bowl one more frame in the quest of his first 300 game.

He came up just three pins short, but still scored a career high 297 in the I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling League at Holiday Lanes in Whitehall.

In Delp’s 297 game, the deciding 12th ball veered a little further right than he wanted before making its way back toward a light pocket hit and denying him his first shot at perfection.

More than that, it was the league’s best single game effort of the season, supplanting teammate Joey Nutis’ 285, which he rolled Sept. 15, 2019. That morning, Delp and Nutis exploded the scoreboard with a 724 and 723 series, respectively. Delp cranked games of 219, 208 and 297. Meanwhile, Nutis rolled a 235, 252 and 232.

Both bowlers moved into second and third place for high scratch series for the league. With team sponsor, captain and patriarch Ira Nutis tacking on a 610 series, Team Nutis Press rolled over Team Feinberg, 27-5, inching closer to league leaders, Golden & Meizlish.

The following week on Jan. 19, Golden & Meizlish defended their first place spot against second place Team Holiday Lanes. Rookie lead-off bowler Jake Edelstein rolled a 516 series, improving each game with scores of 167, 171 and 178, and making the honor roll for the third consecutive week. Captain Keith Golden’s team finished with a 22-10 win and remained on top of the standings with a 360-184 record and a .662 winning percentage.

Team Holiday Lanes was pushed down into third place in the standings with a 340.5-203.5 record, and a .623 winning percentage, now trailing by 19.5 points.

Nutis Press dismantled Volunteers for Israel, 28-4, moving into the immediately vacated second place in the standings and gaining ground, 6 points, on Golden & Meizlish. Team Nutis Press finished the morning with a 349.5-194.5 record, and a .643 winning percentage. They trail the league leaders by 10.5 points with seven weeks to go in the 2019-2020 championship season.

It was the Nutis family that did the damage against Volunteers for Israel with Ira rolling a 638 series, and Joey topping him with a 643 series.

Terry Sherman matched his best game, 166, rolled on Nov. 13, 2019, and saw second highest series, 432, of the season.

Rycus’ Band of Bowlers liquidated Turbo Debt, 27-5, and moved into fourth place in the standings with a 326.5-217.5 record, and a .600 winning percentage, trailing Golden & Meizlish by 33.5 points. Team captain Jeff Rycus led the league with a 721 series, blistering the pins with scores of 216, 279 and 226. This was his fifth 700 series of this campaign and the eighth time this season that he has bowled a game over 250.

Rycus raised his average to 221.53 pins per game and is closing in on his eighth scoring crown over the last 11 seasons.

Bowling scores and content provided by I.M. Harris BBBA.

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