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The I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling Association includes seven father-son teams. From left to right, with dads in the back row: Hank and Eric Feinberg, Scott and Matt Blair, Ira and Joey Nutis, Joel and Alex Greff, Buddy and Andrew Adler, Marc and Cody Ankerman and Maurice and Mike Caplan.

The I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling Association embarked on its 89th season of bowling with seven father-son combinations teaming up in competition.

In men’s bowling, l’dor v’dor is the lifeblood of the league, ensuring its continuity not only into the foreseeable future, but for the next generation of young bowlers.

For Team Holiday Lanes, Maurice and Mike Caplan have the longest tenure among this year’s father-son tandems. With different styles, Maurice uses his “hop, skip and jump” approach on the lanes to maintain a one-pin advantage over his son, Mike, 165-164, who prefers the “ready, aim, fire” release.

Marc and Cody Ankerman are bowling together for the first time this season on team Carroll Family Dental. Marc is the team’s No. 4 bowler with a 188 average. Cody is in the No. 2 slot with a 131 average.

Featured on Team Turbo Debt, Buddy Adler, a 115 average bowler, taught his son, Andrew, everything he knows about bowling, and then some. Andrew carries a 132 average and has also won more individual points than his father.

For Team Greff, Joel and Alex Greff are teammates for their second consecutive season. Joel, with a 172 average, learned the game from his father, Herb, and is now passing wisdom onto his son, Alex, who is entering the season with a 139 average.

On the Nutis Press team, Ira and Joey Nutis won a roll-off championship only two seasons ago with Ira crushing the second 300-game of his career in the last game of the title match. This duo enters this season as two of the best bowlers in the league. Ira won the league’s scoring title last year with a 209 pins-per-game average, but Joey was not far behind with a 201.

For Columbus Oncology Associates, Scott and Matt Blair pack the middle of the lineup. Scott, firing from the starboard side, maintains a 169 average, while Matt, a southpaw, carries a 139 average.

On Team Feinberg, father Hank is another southpaw sporting a 139 average, while Eric sports a respectable 202 average.

Rycus’ Band of Bowlers sits on top of the leaderboard for the fourth consecutive week. They extended their lead over second-place Team Feinberg by 11½points. Team captain and sponsor Jeff Rycus rolled his second consecutive 700 scratch series and leads the league with a career high 230.87 average.

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