Tim Leasure, a 16-year veteran of the I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling League rolled a career high, 607 series, with games of 205, 190 and 212, Oct. 6 at Holiday Lanes in Whitehall.

Entering the morning’s competition, he bested his season’s average of 148 by more than 54 pins per game. He threw a 790 handicapped series, topping the charts for individual high handicapped series for the season.

Leasure’s finest moments came in game three, when, with the game and the match hanging in the balance, he ran five strikes in a row between the fifth and ninth frames to hand Team Meizlish a 21-11 win over the No. 1 team Volunteers for Israel.

Golden & Meizlish climbed from 10th to eighth place in the league standings, and now own a 70.5-57.5 record and a .551 winning percentage.

Meanwhile, Rycus’ Band of Bowlers held onto first place, defeating Team Greff, 18-14. Rycus crushed the pins for a 718 series with games of 278, 246, and 194. Rycus’ Band of Bowlers, now in first place, own a 90-38 record, for a .703 winning percentage. Rycus is hitting the pins at a 229.83 average and leading the league.

Volunteers for Israel dropped into second place with an 83-45 record, seven points off the pace. And, climbing from sixth place to third, and only seven and one-half points back is Team Feinberg, 82.5-45.5.

Jonathan Cooperman “pooched” for the 20th time in his career. He rattled the gutter with a first ball, and then converted the full rack of pins for the spare in game one. The all-time statistical leader in this category, Cooperman pooched for the second time this season. Rookie Jake Edelstein leads the league with four pooches in this young season, averaging one per week.

Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein, bowling for Team Greff, offered a d’var Torah on Yom Kippur (prayer, good deeds and teshuva) for the bowlers before taking to the lanes.

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