Miller’s Drillers from left: team captain Brian Miller, Michael Schottenstein, Zach Schiff and Jonathan Beck.

Team Miller’s Drillers, representing the I.M. Harris B’nai B’rith Bowling Association in Columbus, won the 78th Annual International B’nai B’rith Bowling Association’s Sectional Tournament March 21 at Centennial Lanes in Tinley Park, Ill.  

Miller’s Drillers, one of six I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling Association’s entries, amassed a 5,781 total pin count, with handicap, and finished more than 300 pins ahead of the second-place team, among a 22-team tournament. 


The line-up of Michael Schottenstein, Zach Schiff, Jonathan Beck and team captain Brian Miller averaged more than 240 pins per man, per game with handicap for the six-game tournament. 

Schottenstein rolled a 209 scratch high game and contributed a 452 and 469 series. He entered the tournament with a 148 average. He bested his season’s average by five pins per game.

Schiff jack-hammered back-to-back personal high series. Entering the tournament with a 100 pin per game average from last season, he opened with his all-time high, a 189 scratch game, and an over-the-top, 301, with handicap. He finished each three-game set with a 788 and 734 handicap series and averaged an amazing 41 pins per game above his 100-pin average.

Heavy hitters Beck and Miller both broke through the 200 ceiling for each of the six games they bowled. 

Beck connected for a 633 series, on games of 202, 205 and 226. The next day, he fired a 693 series, with games of 223, 216 and 254. He averaged 25 pins per game above his regular season average of 196. With handicap, he contributed a 711 and 774 series.

Miller opened with a 617 series, on games of 200, 203 and 214 and followed with a 637 series, on games of 216, 211 and 210. He entered the tournament with a 199 season average, and drilled the pins for a 209 tournament average.

Three Columbus teams, Miller’s Drillers, The Broad Street Bullies and Team Rycus, finished among the top four teams in the tournament.

With the 78th IBBBA Sectional Tournament behind them, the I.M. Harris bowlers return home, looking to begin the all-league single elimination roll-offs and crown a post-season champion. JAW Enterprises won the regular season championship with Team Rycus finishing in second place. Both teams drew byes for the first week of the roll-offs beginning March 31.

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