Zach Schiff, left, and Jared Schiff |

Zach Schiff, left, and Jared Schiff 

Zach and Jared Schiff squared off in a big brother versus little brother battle March 3 in the I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling League at Holiday Lanes in Whitehall.

Zach Schiff, bowling in his second year of competition, predicted the win before the match started. Last year’s, “mensch of the year,” he won all four points. Bowling for the team that bears their name, Schiff Shoes, Zach Schiff rolled a 407 series with games of 130, 163 and 114.

Meanwhile, Jared Schiff, bowling for Team Rycus and a rookie this season, fired with a 340 series and a high game of 145.  Zach Schiff won the individual battle, 4-0, but Jared’s team won the war, 23-9.

With only two weeks to go in the 2018-19 championship season, team Holiday Lanes upended the Law Office of Joel Schwartz’s tenure at the top of the standings. Holiday Lanes now owns a 10.5-point lead. 

Rounding out the other two contenders, JAW Enterprises is in third place with a 390.5-313.5 record. Team Rycus is in fourth place with a 380.5-323.5 record, and trailing the league leaders by 28.5 points. 

With 64 points to be contested before the end, any of the four teams could emerge with a chance to win the championship.

And, as the league enters into post-season roll-offs, it is likely the Schiff brothers might match up again, but with more than bragging rights at stake.

March 3 standings

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