I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling Association

Joel Schwartz, at left, and Brad Goldman

Joel Schwartz and Brad Goldman squared-off in a battle of the heavy-hitters in the I.M. Harris Men’s B’nai B’rith Bowling League Nov. 3 at Holiday Lanes in Whitehall.

Teammates as recently as last season, Goldman struck an opening blow, winning game one by a margin of 243-223. Picking up the gauntlet, Schwartz countered by opening with 10 strikes in a row in game two, overpowering his protege, 289-180. Schwartz came back in game three by opening with another four strikes, and winning again, 235-225.

Schwartz’s 289 game moved him to the top of the charts for the league’s high scratch game and 315 with handicap for the league’s high handicap game.

Schwartz finished with a 747 series, the league’s finest scratch offering to-date. As for Goldman, his 648 series was also his season’s best. Schwartz won the match with an 825 handicap series to Goldman’s 792. They finished with the top two individual high handicap series of the season, respectively.

Subbing for Golden & Meizlish, Schwartz led Keith’s team to a 22-10 win, moving them into fourth place with a 137.5-86.5 record.

Meanwhile, Nutis Press dislodged Rycus’ Band of Bowlers from their season-long grip on first place by crushing Howard Slutsky, CPA, 31-1. The new pace setters own a 147.5-76.5 record, and a .658 winning percentage.

Team Nutis flexed its muscles with a 2,418 scratch series win, averaging 201.5 pins per man per game. With handicap, it tallied 2,916 pins, and a 243 pins-per-man average. The team finished the morning as the chart toppers for team high scratch series and team high handicap series.

For Team Nutis, Terry Sherman, lead-off bowler, opened with a 445 series, and 727 with handicap. Nick Delp followed with a 646 series, on games of 225, 215 and 203, for a 643 series, and 745 with handicap. Joey Nutis tossed a 646 series with games of 226, 173 and 247, and a 730 handicap series. Team captain and sponsor, Ira Nutis, hit for a 214, 236 and 234 scores for a 684 series, and a 705 with handicap to closeout the match.

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