A team from Mamanet Columbus placed third in the second Mamanet USA Cup tournament held May 30 to June 2 in Los Angeles. 

Teams “OH” and “IO,” created from the Columbus league, were among 22 teams from Los Angeles, Boston, New Jersey, Oregon and Columbus competing for the cup. Team “OH” took third place and played seven total games in the tournament. It included seven players from five of the six Columbus league teams. 

Team “IO,” comprised mostly of new league players this season, took 19th place in the tournament. It also got a “green card” during a match for displaying good sportsmanship. 

Esther Bernzweig, communications manager for Mamanet Columbus, said in an email the Columbus and Boston teams are hoping to connect for friendly matches in the next year, after meeting at the tournament.

“For all, it was great to meet the other teams from around the country, to compare how we all run our leagues differently and to meet all kinds of women,” she said in the email. 

Finishing off the Columbus Mamanet league’s 2018-19 season, the league also held a city tournament May 19, where Columbus Torah Academy LionNets placed first in the final rankings. All six Mamanet teams participated in games and family activities were also included. 

Three teams are also headed to Youngstown for a mini tournament at the end of June. 

Mamanet is a riff on a game called cachibol or Newcomb, which is itself a riff on volleyball. Cachibol is played on a regulation-sized volleyball court, but the ball is caught, passed and thrown. The sport was developed in Israel in 2005. 

The Columbus league, which is sponsored by JewishColumbus, began in 2016 and now has risen to almost 100 members. 

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