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Welcome to the Columbus Jewish News - the most effective way to reach the Columbus Jewish community!

The Columbus Jewish News is a new biweekly newspaper bringing the central Ohio Jewish community the latest local, national and world news in the 96-year tradition of the Ohio Jewish Chronicle. The CJN offers exciting, all-new print and online advertising opportunities. 

The CJN reaches more than 20,000 affluent readers.* It is mailed to subscribers in 6,500+ local Jewish homes and agencies, and our e-edition is available online daily. They read it cover to cover to stay in touch with current issues, personalities and must-attend events. 60+ Jewish community agencies and synagogues use the CJN to publicize their programs and events. Our readers count on CJN for information, commentary and entertainment. No other communication medium reaches the Columbus Jewish community in so many ways.

CJN readers are business and professional families enjoying a variety of affluent lifestyles, products and services. The CJN’s content as well as its engaged and influential readership make it an advantageous place to advertise your products, services and events to a select audience.

Columbus Jews start their weekend reading the CJN. Make sure your message is in it!

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*2.5 readers per household

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